Welcome to Tarryton

Let the drama unfold.

Let the drama unfold.

Step into my imagination.

Here is the beginning of my chronicle into the lives of my sims. On this page find updates and new posts.

Check the Information kiosk to learn more about the background of Tarryton City.

For your convenience a Directory has been provided giving an accurate listing of all sims and business located within the city.

Every city has it’s scandals and sometimes they make the news. Listen to the gossip  to find juicy little tidbits about the sims in and around the city.

As always we thank you for your patronage to our beautiful city. Please stop at the Souvenir Shop and pick up a trinket or two as they become available.


Just an update.

Been so busy with life this past summer and now school has started again so more free time. Cause having three boys is… whew..!

I know I will be posting a lot more and I moved my pc to my bedroom so I can get less interruptions from said annoyances. >.>

A real update will be coming soon. I gotta let ya’ll know about all the newness going on in the hood. No worries, I haven’t forgotten ya’ll. Just gotta get my pictures edited and whatnot. Look for more today or tomorrow. 🙂


Starting Over

So sorry this had to happen but meh.

I have to restart my entire neighborhood due to borkiness associated with downloads and corruptness in my game. 😦

I did however, manage to save my sims using simpe. So once I get my new neighborhood up and running I can begin blogging there lives again. 😀

I will try to have this up and running as soon as possible. If life doesn’t get too much in the way I may have things going again by the end of the month.

Sorry for the delays. :/